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"I came to Helen with a history of several decades worth of health problems, including stress, asthma, dermatitis, and food intolerances. I had seen nutritionists in East Anglia where I came from with some success, but nothing ever seemed to result in better health. It seemed as if I was only ever treating the symptoms, and this included support from my GP. 

I moved to East Devon and was recommended to see Helen. From the start I felt I was in good hands, she was a good listener, and identified a problem that hadn’t been detected before. Things finally began to make sense, and so I started the gut reset programme in early January. At first I was somewhat frustrated in the list of foods I had to choose from and cooking was a challenge, but I soon began to see results.


The tests confirmed what Helen had suspected and I was able to take the correct supplements to support my poor body. I also knew that weight loss was something that would be of benefit. I worked through the programme with Helen at my side the whole way, patient and with sage advice, supporting me and encouraging me on. I can be single minded when I want to be, but I don’t think I would have had the success that I have done over the twelve weeks without her. I can now say that I feel at least 100% better than I did before, yes, really, and I have lost two stones, too. I am absolutely delighted. I did think at first that my goal would be to heal so that I could eat what I want, but the programme has shown me a new way of living

and I’m not going back!

The programme is superb, and if you want to feel better then I would say go for it, with Helen and all her wonderful support team (the plethora of microbiologists at the lab) you can have a fresh start. One word, you do need to stick to the rules, and eat what you should and refuse what you shouldn’t. If you do that, I’m sure you’ll be as delighted with the results as I was. It’s the best money I’ve spent in many many years."

- Paula Cornwell, East Devon

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Small Green Plants

"Thank you Helen.

Years of gut problems, operations and treatments became impossible and

life was difficult. .

Your advice and support has been invaluable…

I am almost (!) leading a normal life for

the first time in years ….


Thank you again"

- B. Dorset

“I was struggling with high cholesterol, fluctuating

energy levels through the day, bloating.

I also wanted to lose some weight.

Almost all of my cholesterol readings are better

than they were before.

My energy levels have stabilised throughout the day

which feels great.

My feeling of bloating has almost totally gone and when it returns, I know exactly what I ate to cause it.

People say that I have lost weight.

Most importantly to me, is that I feel SO much better

in my body than I did before.


I would highly recommend the programme.

Helen supports you every step of the way.


Though it felt overwhelming at the start with all the changes I felt I “should” make, taking little steps and seeing the improvement, spurred me on to make more changes.


Every shopping trip and each mealtime has become an adventure of tasty food that is healthy, healing, nutritious,

a feast for the eyes and a joy.


Thank you, Helen, for your support.”

-       David Brown

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"Before working with Helen, I was miserable my stomach would be in pain almost everyday and it was affecting all aspects of my life. I was also struggling with fatigue, anxiety

and reproductive issues.

I almost never experience pain now and I feel like I have my life back. Alongside my stomach which was my main issue, I have more energy and I feel healthier.

It’s generally been one of the best things I've done in my life.

I feel like I have my life back. I'd highly recommend it "

- M, Dorset


“Prior to the Gut ReSet program I was experiencing intense bloating, digestive issues, histamine responses, inflammatory flare-ups, low self-esteem and low mood.

I wasn’t working at the time and felt anxious about the state of my health.


Now 8 months on, my symptoms have pretty much all cleared except for the occasional bloating. I am 6 months into a new job and feeling great in a much happier body. I’d highly recommend doing the stool test and Helen’s expertise to anyone struggling with getting to the root cause of their health issues. This whole experience has helped me to identify what truly works for my body (and what doesn’t!). I feel empowered and excited about where my health is heading. Thank you Helen :)”


          – B, Dorset



"When I started the programme I was suffering with painful symptoms at least once a week. These symptoms often caused me to take time off work or cancel my social plans.


Three months on and I hardly ever suffer with any symptoms. I’ve been able to reintroduce almost all types of food and snack a lot less! I comfortably get through a day at work and am socializing much more. I honestly thought it would take longer than 3 months to be symptom free.


  I would 100% say it is worth the investment as long as you commit to it fully. There is no point in doing this if you don’t follow all the recommendations.

If I have any gut problems in the future I will call Helen – not my GP!"


- Tracey, Dorset



"When I first called Helen, I suffered from digestive problems and a number of other physical issues which - while not life threatening - were annoying and affected my quality of life.

After doing the Comprehensive Health MOT package, I felt significantly better and continue to do so.


Helen is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Any question I threw at her, she came back with an answer.

While not all her suggestions worked for me, we are all different and some things work better for an individual than others.

I am very satisfied with her service and will happily recommend her."


- Mecki, Bridport


“My experience of working with Helen has been so positive. Over a four month period I managed to lose almost a stone and a half and achieve a sense of health and well-being that has changed my life.


 I can not recommend Helen highly enough. I have loved learning about food and diet and incorporating this into my every day life. Thank you!”

- Sara Ashworth, UK



I had a bad gut infection and ended up in A&E. I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis.

When I was discharged I was given no information about how to deal with this condition other than eat more fibre. A friend recommended Helen and I am so pleased she did, she was amazing.


I followed the Gut ReSet programme and we had regular calls to discuss progress and the next stages. It was a very nurturing experience, and really reassuring to have someone who cared and to guide you through recovery and to explain how to improve overall lifestyle habits and eat more consciously.


I was sceptical about the benefits of supplements, but with the careful guidance and selection Helen provided, they definitely helped the recovery process.

Within a few weeks of going through the programme,  I felt better and healthier than I had for many years. Although not fat, I did carry too much weight around my waist, I lost about a stone and this has stayed off, which has also helped my sense of well-being.

I had been totally ignorant of the importance of the health of my gut and how it affects not only general health but your mental state.

I would highly recommend her programme to others. Not only is Helen an excellent practitioner with extensive knowledge, she is a lovely person.


-       Nicky Perkins


"I never do endorsements on fb (or anywhere really!) but I have been meaning to do this for a while. I cannot recommend The Well Life Lab highly enough and want people to know how transformative it has been to have worked with them.

After 18 months of daily migraines (that I'd never suffered from before), MRI scans, 3 x incorrect doctor diagnoses, and visits to physiotherapists I really was not in a good place. My work was suffering terribly, I was taking painkillers every day and I was scared and worried about the future.

I made contact with Helen at The Well Life Lab to see if a nutritionalist approach could help ease my symptoms. Helen was so incredibly thorough and informative, and after a series of hormone and blood tests, and a really detailed and personalised follow up, Helen put in place a course of natural supplements and dietary/lifestyle advice for me.

Six months later I can easily say that without Helen's help, life would be looking very very different. My symptoms have all but disappeared, and I continue to use Helen's recipe's, protocols and advice on a daily basis. The secure online portal that she uses to pass on info and messages, and where all relevant personalised information is stored is also brilliant.

Her approach, her follow up and her knowledge of the subject has been second to none. This kind of support and knowledge should be available on the NHS quite frankly, but with the asset

strippers in power, well...

I feel empowered (annoying word but the right one here) and so much more aligned to my body and what it does and can do because of The Well Life Lab - I had no idea that this would have been possible, or even a thing at the start.

Helen is also a specialist in gut health, IBS etc etc and I plan to do further work this year. I consider it health insurance!

I can't recommend Helen highly enough. She works remotely and face to face. Thank you Well Life Lab!"

Anna - Dorset



"I was very anxious and suffering from insomnia before I came to see you.

We looked at my exercise levels and diet. You also added supplements to my diet.


After analysing and balancing these things my state of mind and insomnia improved enabling me to enjoy life. Thanks so much!"


- A. Stephens


"I visited Helen Ross various times over 2017 to address a worsening of symptoms of a mysterious illness that has been troubling me for many years, since the birth of my son.

Doctors have never been able to find anything wrong with me apart from celiac disease although I felt very ill at times to the point of being unable to work and unable to participate in many of life's activities. 

Helen took an extensive history of my health and life style and arranged for me to have a whole array of laboratory tests so that we could see what was really going on. After many years of being pushed out of doctors offices with " there is nothing wrong with you"!  


It was so good to be listened to and actually heard for the first time. Not to mention get answers. 

A DNA test showed that I have some genetic variances which have contributed towards my poor health, and are pretty easily corrected using the right B vitamins. Taking those was a turning point for me.  


The other test results helped Helen to put together a tailor made intervention plan, which included adjusting my diet and with lots of invaluable guidance and supplements, she has managed to get me on to the road to recovery.  I am still following the protocol so hope to feel even better soon. I will continue to consult with Helen until I am better.

Her intuition and knowledge of her field of expertise has been a real life saver for me and what she has pieced together like a jig saw puzzle, in short, a private detective would be impressed with!


For once in my life I actually know what is going on in my body and I feel I am in safe hands. That is very empowering. Highly recommend.”      


- Alison, UK


“I just wanted to thank you again for the Cleanse programme and let you know that we kept most of the cleanse going for quite some time after the 3 weeks ended. 


It really did make such a difference to my energy levels and general feeling of well-being!


We still have smoothies most days and coconut yoghurt is now always in the fridge!”

 - Camilla


"Many times I'd decided my personal health needed improving but just didn't have the impetus to make the changes needed. Then I went to one of Helen's talks.

Her knowledge and ability to convey real truths about lifestyle choices impressed and inspired me.


The changes made to my diet have ensured a more positive approach to my food choices, more energy, improved sleep patterns and even a greater sense of calm in my life."                           


- M. Dorset



"Yesterday I went on a retreat day with The Well Life Lab. We did yoga, tai chi and learnt about the benefits of good nutrition. Helen prepared a delicious lunch and shared recipes.


It was such a wholesome day! Last night I slept like a dream and woke up inspired to make some of the recipes.


After a few hours in the kitchen I have whipped up some raw chocolates, high protein low carb bread, miso salad dressing and almond milk ready to make my autumn smoothie to take to work tomorrow.


Thanks Helen and your team for creating such a special day x " 


- Emily


"A fabulous treat of a retreat! Delicious food; an informative and inspiring talk,...nourishing yoga; deep sound bath relaxation after lunch - no- one wanted to get up!! Then a gentle introduction to Tai Chi.


Even with the relentless rain outside, the Kingcombe Centre Nature and the flourishing kitchen garden were all around us, as we celebrated the Autumn Equinox in style. So grateful to have won the free place!


Thank you all!!" 


- Linda


"Thank you for a truly glorious and nourishing day.  Packed full of love, gentleness, fun, space, nutritious food and superb yoga in surroundings of natural beauty.


A day where our vision for 2019 will be hard to forget.

All the family members are feeling much gratitude.......with some lasting precious moments we shared."   


- Jacqui


"Today we went to a plant based cooking workshop with Helen Ross.
Thanks so much for a fabulous few hours Helen.


Learnt so much and the food was AMAZING!!


Highly recommended."


Dr. Becky Stephens


"I approached Helen for some guidance on weight gain associated with peri-menopause.  


My diet was pretty ‘healthy’ but she was able to help me to up my protein intake without using animal products and gave me really easy recipes to follow which were amazing. 

Her knowledge about nutrition and balancing diet is second to none.

I would also really recommend her healthy cooking classes, really hands-on, and so informative too."  


- Sarah, Dorset



"I had a persistent skin irritation on my face which caused me a real problem, with no definite

diagnosis over years.


By revitalising my diet, no sugar, no caffeine, probiotics, supplements, and real attention to what I ate, I felt revived refreshed and had a new perspective on my diet.


My skin changed remarkably, resulting in no unwanted flare-ups.

I dropped my stress and felt more in control of myself through reviewing my diet and re-educating

myself to a better viewpoint on nutrition and health."


  - Zoe


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